Moka Only Live in Kelowna at Sapphire

Sapphire Nite Club
238 Leon Avenue • Kelowna, BC

Doors Open: 10:00PM | Show Starts: 10:30PM

Featuring: Moka Only, Nic Bambrough, Redd Casey, Shalina

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Event type: Licensed

Moka Only If there's one thing that Moka Only's known for, more than his emcee and production abilities, it's his almost unfathomable work rate. In nearly two decades of rapping, the Victora, BC native has released over %0 albums, worked under multiple aliases - including Ron Contour, The Durable Mammal and Flow Torch - and collaborated with the likes of J Dilla and MF boom. He's also been apart of several groups, including Code Name: Scorpion, The Dominant Mammals, Cryptic Souls Crew and most notable the platinum selling Swollen Member, which co-founded and named. It's no wonder they call him "The Most Prolific". To Moka Only, though, that work rate doesn't seem like a big deal. "I don't think there's anything special about it," he says "I don't see why it's such a difficult thing to grasp." I hear other people say "How do you do it?" How do you know? Music's my only job. Moka Only started first falling in love with hip-hop in middle school. he says there was "nothing else like" the music and the culture. He quickly began rapping and writing graffiti, but says he didn't really take it particularly seriously until he was in his late teens. It was then that he opted to put down the spray can and start rhyming full time. "I was really big into going out on night missions and trying to make my mark" he says " I got a little in San Diego. (He came up with the name Denny's because he liked the double entendre.) That said, he soon left the group to work on his solo material. While Only may have an almost mind blowing number of releases under his belt, his commercial peak came when he re-joined the swollen members in 2002. The group won multiple Junos and a several number of one hits. IN 2005, Only left the group again, concerned that it was taking away time from his solo work. "The was a period where, after we had really hit the high point, I grew a bit tired and a bit disillusioned with it and had to go solo again," "I think that had to do with maturity at time, or lack thereof. I feel now I'd be able to balance things a lot better. Moka Only is also renowned as a man of many names, releasing under pseudonyms like Ron Contour and Torch. He says that the different aliases allow him to tell different stories. "In hip-hop, people expect you to tell the same story you've always been telling, " he says. "In other forms of music, it seems like artists are allowed to try on different authors hats. In hip-hop you're just supposed to be telling your autobiography. Other aliases allow me to be different characters, or even different aspects of my own character." Somewhat amazingly, Only says his goal for the coming year is to "go back to being prolific." He says that he felt like he was a little lazy in 2012, only releasing one bona fide solo album. (He also released a collaborative record, as well as the latest edition of his more "sonically experimental" Martian Xmas series.) "When I say I want to put out a project a month, I could do that," he says. "Ihave a lot of old, unreleased material. I could put out some older material one month, then a new project, and the next month could be an instrumental project." Website: www, Music Videos 2014 - Inside My Heart -] 2014 - You won't get much higher (live) -] 2013 - Dragon's Gate -] 2012 - Let's Roll Ft Evil Ebenezer -] 2012 - Come Along -] Interviews Much Music Going Coastal] The Come Up Show -]

Sapphire Nite Club
238 Leon Avenue, Kelowna, BC

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Moka Only Live in Kelowna at Sapphire

Moka Only Live in Kelowna at Sapphire will be at Sapphire Nite Club in Kelowna, BC on Thursday, January 22, 2015. The doors open at 10:00PM, and the event will get underway around 10:30PM. Moka Only Live in Kelowna at Sapphire line-up includes Moka Only, Nic Bambrough, Redd Casey, Shalina. Sapphire Nite Club is located at 238 Leon Avenue, Kelowna, BC.

Cutoff for Advance Online Ticket Sales is Thursday, January 22, 2015 6:29 pm EST unless the event sells out earlier.