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Event type: All Ages

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Theatre Paradoxe
5959 Monk Boulevard, Montreal, QC


MTL Uncovered / MTL Mis a Nu - Théâtre Paradoxe

MTL Uncovered / MTL Mis a Nu - Théâtre Paradoxe will be at Theatre Paradoxe in Montreal, QC on Friday, April 7, 2017. The doors open at 6:00PM, and the event will get underway around 6:30PM. MTL Uncovered / MTL Mis a Nu - Théâtre Paradoxe line-up includes MTL Uncovered / MTL Mis A Nu - General, The Barrel Heads, December Rose , Vikki Gilmore, BECCA TG, Deeshorty , Sarah Jane , Michelle Takamori, Narcisse Soulsinger, Canadian Hemp Guitars , Pascal Normand / Rustique Design, K8 Jewlery , Lisa Marie Boissonneau, Cindy Deroeux, Starkematter, James M Brown, Lost Apostle, Verre Vert , Gabor Bata, Émilie Bélanger, Sonia Del Signore, Huynh Phuong Mai , Alfa, Anna Binta Diallo, igottalovecereal, Claudia Hamelin, Alfredo Cristinziano, Daniela Anaya, Laurian Ene, Rachel Tremblay, Scotia Glass, BBAM! Gallery, Matteo Zamaria, Park and Finch, Montreal Art Exhibited, José Carlos Valencia, Jonathan Ng, Naturistic Images & Mangala Creations, Estelle Wong, Evy Veikos, MelyD, Ian MacLeod Art, Jonathan Baillargeon, Margotella, Jeffrey Owen - Shorts Mcgee, Patman Design, Cosimo Carmosino, DJ Spec, Constance Lapierre. Theatre Paradoxe is located at 5959 Monk Boulevard, Montreal, QC.

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