Efrim Manuel Menuck + KDG

Double Double Land
209 Augusta Ave • Toronto, ON

Doors: 9:00PM | Show Starts: 9:30PM
All Ages / Licensed

Featuring: Efrim Manuel Menuck, KGD, Off World,

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Event type: All Ages / Licensed

EFRIM MANUEL MENUCK (https://cstrecords.com/efrim-manuel-menuck)

Founding member of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Silver Mt. Zion, Efrim Manuel Menuck arrives in Toronto for a rare solo performance. His newest solo record will be out on Constellation Febuary 2nd. Blossoming guitar and synth swells mingle with each other over drum machine beats. Menuck's voice glows in it's low-fi effected glory, as the layers of reverb slip away. Synth tones glisten in a dance with warbling electronics. Efrim's guitar work is as full and enveloping as ever. Don't miss this intimate show!

KGD (https://kgdsound.bandcamp.com/)
Kevin Doria of Growing and Hiss Tracks keeps it real with is new solo outing KGD. Dipping back into his drone roots, Doria carefully stacks languid electronic pulses crafting a glacial dronescape. Like slow moving tectonic plates, his modular synth tones ripple over one another.  

Sandro Perri & Lorenz Peter represents the brain trust behind Off World’s wobbly analog synth meanderings, while the recordings rope in all kinds of guests. Off World employs a languid pulse, floating between swaying tropical tones, and casually foreboding textures. Oscillating bleep and bloops stretch out over grumbling electronics. Sounding like a cluster of warped radio transmissions as they get sucked through the endless cavern of space, Off World uses a distinctly foreign yet familiar vocabulary.


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Double Double Land
209 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON


Efrim Manuel Menuck + KDG

Efrim Manuel Menuck + KDG will be at Double Double Land in Toronto, ON on Saturday, February 10, 2018. The doors open at 9:00PM, and the event will get underway around 9:30PM. Efrim Manuel Menuck + KDG line-up includes Efrim Manuel Menuck, KGD, Off World, . Double Double Land is located at 209 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON.

Cutoff for Online Ticket Sales is Saturday, February 10, 2018 5:59 pm EST unless the event sells out earlier.