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Featuring: Kent Monkman

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When archiving memorable films from Reelout’s 20 years, one thing was undeniable, in our earlier years, Reelout was far more risk-taking and subversive when it came to depicting sex and sexuality on the big screen when we first began.  While LGBTQ Canadians still struggled for human rights Reelout made no apologies in creating a space that defiantly said, EVERYWHERE ELSE IS YOURS, THIS SPACE IS QUEER. And nothing says 110% queer film and video than honest and explicit sexuality depicted on screen.  So FAIR WARNING this is one of four specially-designed shorts programs that has been carefully curated for mature queer audiences that will include explicit nudity and sexual activities VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED and only MATURE AUDIENCES 18 years + will be admitted.

FETISHES & FANTASIES (1999-2018) “Remember that one about the person wandering through a field licking plates?” has been asked more often than you think when conversations turn to Reelout shorts over the years.  Those folks will be happy to know that Elia Singer’s LICKED can be found in this program that celebrates fetish and fantasy.  This program champions the work of 12 filmmakers who fetishize a gamut of objects and body parts like glasses, balloons, plates, pastries, feet, water sports, foreskin, leather and bondage but also imagine fantasy worlds set in dizzying eclectic locales like Edwardian England, Turtle Island during colonization, a leather bar in Seattle, outer space and in the twisted mind of Dayna McLeod.  We hope this collection is just as funny, sexy and wildly imaginative as every healthy sex life should be.

I MAKE PASSES AT GIRLS WHO WEAR GLASSES by Melissa Levin/2000/2min/CANADA What’s sexier than a dyke caressing the edge of her glass? A bevy of local ladies lining up to take theirs off!

HELIUM by Daniel McIntyre/2017/4min/CANADA Helium is a dual-projector work that explores the worlds of competitive bodybuilding and balloon fetish. Originating from a deep fascination of the ability to derive such intense pleasure from otherwise innocuous objects or activities, Helium observes inflation, lust, and explosion.

MAKBUL, HIS FAVORED ONE by Huseyin Karagoz/1999/7min/TURKEY  An historic film, set in the 16th century. There are two characters, the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and Irbahim the Makbul, his favoured one. Ibrahim, as the chief caretaker of the royal chambers, comes into the room where the Sultan is awaiting him and brings the neccessary material for foot washing. The royal feet are washed and the toenails cut. These functions are practiced as a silent homo-erotic ceremony.

LICKED by Elia Singer/2000/7mins/CANADA A go-go-get-it girl looks for love in the fine features of many a plate, only to end up falling face first into her one true dish.

PUSSY BUFFET by Anonymous/2001/7min/USA A raunchy bunch of girls and an innovative way to eat a cupcake. Need we say more?

EAT CAKE by John Caffery & Jeremy Laing/2003/3min/CANADA The mysteries of milles-feuilles and the pleasures of pastry dolloped with whipped cream shall not come between us, nor shall custard tarts tear us apart. No, we will savour them together. Drizzled in chocolate sauce and jam-filled for eternity, we are brothers of a sweeter tooth.

UROPOP by Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay/2006/1:30min/CANADA The pause that refreshes. Commissioned by the Festival Des Films Gays et Lesbiens de Paris as part of the 2006 Hommage à Jean Genet programme, acknowledging the 20th anniversary of Genet’s death.

GALACTIC DOCKING COMPANY by Clark Nikolai/2009/2:49min/CANADA The commercialization of space causes new discoveries. Using found and original footage shot on Earth and in near Earth orbit, we find that space wants to have an encounter of the most intimate kind.

ULTIMATE SUB ULTIMATE DOM: Maria Von Trapp & Mary Poppins by Dayna McLeod/2009/3:04min/CANADA Imagine Maria Von Trapp from The Sound of Music crawling on her hands and knees across the jagged cold stone floor of the nunnery to the Mother Superior, begging for mercy and looking for a spanking. Now imagine that Mary Poppins is the Mother Superior, wielding a dildo-sheathed umbrella and a ball-gag, and you have a glimpse into the explicit fantasy life of video artist, Dayna McLeod.

GROUP OF SEVEN INCHES by Kent Monkman/2005/7:35min/CANADA Group of Seven Inches borrows from the diaries of 19th century painters of “Indians,” George Catlin and Paul Kane, turning their dismissive writings on the “romantic savage” upside down and inside out. Miss Chief Eagle Testickle (the outrageous alter ego of Cree artist Kent Monkman), forces innocent naked white men to become her figure models, seduces them with whiskey, and when she’s done with them, dresses them up as more “authentic” examples of the “European male.”

LORD COCKWORTHY by Clark Nikolai/2010/9:17min/CANADA Three Edwardian era men go on a picnic in the English countryside. An aristocrat, a photographer and an expressionist painter. The delightfully adventurous day has a turning point for the three highly civilized men when they encounter wild lusty nature in the form of a mythological being in the woods.

RUSALKA by Wes Hurley/2016/9min/USA Imagine Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” retold by Tom of Finland, and throw in an homage to early gay erotic films, and you get the artful Rusalka, set to the music of Antonín Dvořák’s opera of the same name and starring burlesque icons Luminous Pariah and Chris Harder.

ZOLUSHKA by Wes Hurley/2013/7 min/CANADA  A queer rendering of the classic folktale, in which Zolushka (Russian for ‘Cinderella’) is a lonely janitor at a gay bar and Prince Charming (adult superstar, Colby Keller) is a Tom of Finland fantasy come to life.

Total Running Length: 69 minutes

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The Screening Room
120 Princess Street, Kingston, ON


Part of: Reelout Queer Film Festival 20th Anniversary

January 31, 2019 - February 14, 2019


FETISHES & FANTASIES (1999-2018) will be at The Screening Room in Kingston, ON on Saturday, February 2, 2019. The doors open at 8:45PM, and the event will get underway around 9:00PM. FETISHES & FANTASIES (1999-2018) line-up includes Kent Monkman. The Screening Room is located at 120 Princess Street, Kingston, ON.

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